time stood still kiss

i am wrecked, i am overblown....i'm also fed up with the common cold

1 day until i see the theater people that i love

1 day until exams are officially over

1.5 days until alex get's here

2 days until I can go home...listen to Christmas music, drink egg nog, drive around, decorate the Christmas tree, spend time talking and hanging out with my amazing little brother, spill my guts to my mommy, give God thanks for the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ...

3 days until i go to the Hawk Nelson concert with my bestest friend :)

5/7 days until i see the amazing Mrs. Phelps and incredible Mrs. Basso

11 days until the traditional and ritualistic roasting of the Noche Buena pig in the big oven, which i will not eat but i will basque in the glow of all of my family around me and never for a second wish i was anywhere else

12 days until the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and this super cool kid named David Shearer's birthday

13 days until i age yet another year and the dreadful number '19' becomes my new number

Winter break is going to be amazing.
I cannot wait.
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cant say goodbye kiss

yay for prom pics!

alright so i figured i might as well update my prom pictures
since everyone else did it
and because i have nothing better to do until the AP Physics exam in like an hour.
some are from the musical at school...Jukebox: A 1950's Radio Show


the rest is still unwrittenCollapse )

that's all folks!
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time stood still kiss



May God be with you every single step of the way.
Only He knows what's in store for you, but I know it must be great things.

*sigh* i miss him </b>
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If you have any pictures (printed or digital) of your weekend/summer nights out and would like to have them featured in the yearbook, please either e-mail me with your digital pictures at silent.dreamer12@gmail.com OR put them on a CD and bring them to Mr. Robert's room, C-125 and leave it in the "Night Life" envelope. If they are prints then please bring them to C-125 and leave them in the envelope as well. Whichever type of photograph they are...make sure that you include the names and grades of all the people in the pictures! Please turn these in as soon as possible (by next Friday, August 26th) please!

Thank you!!!